Professional training college of culinary, nutrition and confectionery promoting “SHOKUIKU” from Japan to the world.

Message from the President


 The key to growth is to open hidden doors.

Passion and excitement,I believe,are keys to opening hidden doors.

There are constant changes in the culinary world as well as in nutrition.

To pursue new tastes in the 21st century,of course it must taste good,but at the same time,it must be healthy.

We must ask,is it kind to the body? is it good for one’s health? This will be the mainstream culinary thinking in the 21st century.

The Chinese character for “shoku,” food,means making a person better. As people demand quality,how to deliver top quality cuisine at a reasonable cost will become ever more important.

In Japan, we are grappling with a declining birthrate and an aging population. Chefs as well as nutritionists must work hand in hand to put into practice “shokuiku”,namely,education about having a good diet.

To do this,I hope to nurture people who understand what are healthy ingredients and what are safe and reliable products.

I hope you will come to understand the many possibilities in the culinary world.

You have taken an interest in this school because you either like to cook or you have an interest in nutrition. I believe the purpose of this school is to get you more excited about cooking as well as nutrition.

I hope we can nurture people the world truly needs.




Profile of Hattori Yukio

Born in Tokyo in 1945.

Graduated from Rikkyo University (St. Paul’s College)

Ph.D. Degree of Medical School in Showa University

President & Principal / MD / Ambassador of Health in Hattori Nutrition College


Chairman of the Japan Association of Training Colleges for Cooks, Vice Chairman of the Japan Association of Training Colleges for Nutritionists. Chairman of the Association of Culinary Schools in Eastern Japan. Member of the ”SHOKUIKUPromotion Committee” of the Cabinet Office and of the “Investigative Committee for Basic Plans to Promote SHOKUIKU.” Representative of the Japan Fisheries Cooperative Association, “Circle to think about the sea, fish and food.”  Member of the “Investigative Committee for Preparation of Guidance for Healthy Diet,” “Investigative Committee for Food Guide.” and an provisional member of the Central Education Council which is organized by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Member of other committees including the “Investigative Committee for National Examination for Cooks” and the “Food Safety Information Assessment Committee.”

Media and Publication:

Appears on the TV program “Iron Chef” as well as on various radio programs. the author of “Guidance for SHOKUIKU” (published by Magazine House Co., Ltd.), “SHOKUIKU for Adults” (published by NHK Broadcast Publishing Co., Ltd.), “Hattori Yukio formula for tasty cuisine” (Published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha), “Happy family dining with children” (published by Shogakukan, inc.), “Pursuit of flavorsome Japanese soup stock” (published by KK Bestsellers), and “Yukio Hattori’s Secret List of Favorites” (published by Ryori Oukokusha). Contributes articles for a monthly magazine “Ryori Okoku” (published by Ryori Okokusha), and bi-monthly magazine “Warau Shokutaku” (Ohta Publications Co., Ltd.) in addition to many others.



TEL +81-3-3356-7171

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